Bari, a city to discover

A captivating place to discover, Bari is a city of two faces with its elegant Murat district and, stretching along the Adriatic Sea, the spellbinding area of Bari Vecchia (Old Bari).

Acting as a gateway to the old city, the grand Castello Svevo (Swabian Castle) is crowned with fortified towers. Once used as defensive castle, it later became a Renaissance residence. The Arco del Pellegrino (Pilgrim’s Arch) leads through to the heart of the Cittadella Nicolaiana and its Basilica, a prized example of Puglia’s Romanesque architecture that’s dedicated to San Nicola, Bari’s patron saint. Nearby is the Romanesque Cathedral of San Sabino, with its baroque crypt.

Bari’s 19th century Murat district boasts many elegant palaces, such as the Teatro Petruzzelli, Teatro Piccinni, and Palazzo Fizzarotti, while underground, you’ll find hidden treasures: rupestrian churches and hypogea dug into the rocks, such as the Temple of San Giorgio, the hypogeum of Madia Diana, and the “Jewish” hypogeum.

Puglia’s regional capital, Bari plays a fundamental role in connection with other Mediterranean countries, thanks to the strategic role played by its port, airport, and international trade fair Fiera del Levante. Don’t miss the festivities of San Nicola, the city’s patron saint, which are celebrated in December and again in May with the Historical Parade of the Caravella.

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